Welcome to the Blog!

Thank you so much for coming this far and giving me the opportunity to help you learn to MARKET your MISSION. I know, I know, you have questions:

Who are you?

Just a guy with a camera and a website...

But seriously, why should I listen to you?

Over a decade ago, I graduated film school with dreams of bright lights and big movies, but I quickly learned it's easier to wake up every morning knowing I'm improving the world (even just a tiny bit) and creating videos and marketing campaigns for organizations and anyone who might consider themselves "doing good." Since then I've produced / filmed / wrote / consulted on (literally) hundreds of videos and campaigns that have (literally) raised millions of dollars in total. In addition, I've attended seminars, lectures, classes from top professors, influencers, colleagues that have given me an arsenal of good practice and tools that I will share with you.

Who should follow this blog?

EVERYONE! (okay maybe not everyone...) This blog is being presented specifically for anyone with a for-good brand / mission / startup / nonprofit organization. Whether you're a Social Media Marketer, a new startup, running your own nonprofit, or any business owner - we'll discuss concepts and tools that will better equip you to accomplish your goal.

Am I required to hire your company, RED CAP FILMS?

You don't HAVE to... but shoot us an email and maybe it'll be the best decision you make:

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