RED CAP FILMS employs a simple but refined process to maximize the impact of our finished videos and to deliver maximum value to your organization. 

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Step 1: The Estimate

Before we begin any project, we schedule a discussion with your team to identify your video needs and develop a creative plan to best accomplish your goals. We don't charge "flat rates" or "minimum fees" - we provide you with an Estimate that fits your budget and your individualized needs.  

Step 2: The Discovery

Once our estimate is approved, we jump right into our creative

planning. Whether you already know exactly what you want your video to look like - or even if this is your first video ever - we work together with you to plan for success. We keep in mind several important guiding principles for every project:

- Who is your audience? What motivates them?

- What is your message, mission or call to action? 

- How can our videos be one of your strongest tools?

Image by Brad Neathery

Step 3: The Plan

We develop a roadmap for each project that outlines everything

from start to finish and beyond. Everything from scheduling interviews and scheduling shoot days to creating graphics and licensing music, we keep everything on-brand, on-message and on-budget. All the while, we're finding any way possible to increase your impact and maximize your investment. 

Step 4: Production

Lights, camera, action! We put together the best crew and camera/lighting packages to beautifully but efficiently capture the visuals and narrative of your mission. Whether a patient story or an event video or an instructional video, we only work our trusted partners to not only capture great footage but to do so respectfully and professionally. 

Image by Kushagra Kevat
Image by João Silas

Step 5: The Edit

Even before we finish filming, post-production begins as we ingest, catalog and securely store every frame of video. Using our creative outline, we expertly edit together scripted material, interviews, b-roll, photos, music, voiceovers, factoids, motion graphics, and animations. We collaborate together to fine-tune every second of video until Red Cap Films can be truly proud of our finished videos. 

Step 6: Revisions

Red Cap Films will not rest until you are completely satisfied with your video. We do not "charge per round of revisions" or create a pressure-inducing limit on changes. Whether re-edit, corrections, or additional shooting we are committed to your success. This may even include shorter versions to share on social media or break-away videos to showcase specific topics.

Image by Jacob Miller
Image by Dvir Adler

Step 7: Our Commitment

Even long after our videos are completed, we remain committed to everyone who gave us the opportunity to create great videos. We value building lasting partnerships and strive to see every organization succeed and continue to work with Red Cap Films. We capture (extra) footage that can be easily repurposed and reused and are always happy to re-edit videos for future campaigns when needed.